Myobrace in Sherwood Park

Offering Solutions For Common Oral Problems In Children

Have you noticed your child snoring at night or during nap time?  Do you notice your child grinding their teeth? Does your child often carry their mouth open to breathe rather than breathing through their nose? Are they actively sucking their thumb or a pacifier?  If so, they may benefit from a visit to the dentist.  Myofunctional therapy for children is the practice of identifying oral muscles and structures that are developing abnormally, and retraining them back to their proper function using a combination of targeted exercises and specialized dental appliances.  Dr. Zuzanna Apel is a Myobrace® provider in Sherwood Park treating children using myofunctional therapy with Myobrace® appliances at Acacia Dental Centre.

The Myobrace® System

The Myobrace® system is a pre-orthodontic preventative treatment that focuses on addressing the common underlying causes of crooked teeth in young children, such as mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing function, or prolonged thumb sucking.  The Myobrace® appliance works to correct the abnormal movement patterns of facial and tongue muscles to allow for proper function when swallowing, talking, breathing, chewing, and promotes proper jaw development.  Myofunctional therapy with the Myobrace® appliance can:

  • provide correction for poor oral habits
  • develop and realign the jaws
  • optimize facial development
  • promote healthy eating
  • improve overall health

In other words, the Myobrace® system can be used before, and in some cases without the need for, braces or extraction of teeth to restore correct oral function as the child grows. 

How It Works - Myobrace®

Treatment with the Myobrace® system involves using a series of removable intra-oral appliances that are worn by your child for 1-2 hours each day and at night while sleeping.  Poor myofunctional habits are evident before all permanent teeth are present, which means treatment of the causes can begin much earlier than traditional orthodontic treatment.  The Myobrace® system assists your child with incorrect oral habits by teaching them to:

  • breathe through their nose
  • rest their tongue correctly on the palate
  • swallow properly without the involvement of muscles in the cheeks, lips or chin
  • carry their lips together and teeth apart

In addition, when necessary, the appliance can be designed to gently apply pressure to your child’s jaws to guide them to their proper size and shape.  Correctly developed and aligned jaws allow sufficient room for your child’s teeth to come in naturally straight.  Waiting until all permanent teeth have come through in the teen years to begin orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth can lead to a missed opportunity to address the factors affecting not only the teeth, but also your child’s overall health and jaw development in their early years.  Bring your children to see us for a complimentary oral assessment at Acacia Dental Centre where Dr. Apel and her staff strive to make you and your children feel welcome and well cared for.   All dental services provided by a general dentist.

Before & After Myobrace Treatments

These are photographs of Dr. Apel's Myobrace treatment patients. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.

Case One

Case Two

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