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Dental Exams in Sherwood Park

Preventive Health Care 

At Acacia Dental Centre in Sherwood Park, we believe an important part of preventive health care is scheduling a dental exam.  Regular dental exams give your dentist the opportunity to identify and diagnose any potential dental issues in their early stages, before pain and discomfort alert you to a problem.  As with any health issues, early detection of dental problems is key to ensuring treatment is rapid and effective and prevents further damage.  So, if it’s time for your next dental exam in Sherwood Park, contact our clinic and we will be happy to book you in!

Your Dental Exam at Acacia Dental Centre

Usually, your dental exam is preceded by a cleaning and dental hygiene visit with our hygienist who will clean and perform a visual check of your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay or gum disease.  The dentist will then perform a full examination of your teeth and mouth and any issues the hygienist may have identified during your cleaning.  At this time, the dentist will likely discuss your overall health and address any changes or concerns you have since your last dental exam.  A dental exam might also include dental x-rays or other diagnostic procedures and a screening for any signs of oral cancer.  With the technologies available to us, regular dental exams today are efficient and effective at identifying oral disease in its early stages. 

Dental Exams Help Maintain Overall Health

A dental exam plays an important role in your overall health picture.  Some health problems or medications you're taking can affect your oral health. If you have diabetes, for example, you're at increased risk of gum disease. Some medications can cause dry mouth; having a dry mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay.  If you're anxious about having a dental exam, share your concerns with us.  We are often able to adjust our treatment to help you feel more comfortable.  It is important to consult your dentist for regular dental exams to maintain your oral health.  Even if you no longer have your natural teeth-your overall health is directly linked to the usefulness of your replacement teeth.  To be sure your oral health is in top form, book a dental exam in Sherwood Park with us here at Acacia Dental Centre.  All dental services provided by a general dentist.

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