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Dental Crowns in Sherwood Park

At Acacia Dental Centre, we want to see your teeth and your smile restored to their most beautiful state.  Dental crowns are one of the many ways we can help with that restoration process.  Typically, we use crowns when a tooth requires a larger restoration than a filling can repair.  A dental crown effectively caps (covers) the entire tooth above the gum line restoring its strength and natural look.  Crowns are often used to add integrity to a tooth that has had a root canal treatment or undergone removal of a large area of decay which can leave a natural tooth unstable.

When considering a dental crown for teeth in or close to the front of the mouth, most dentists recommend porcelain or ceramic.  Porcelain crowns are easily matched to the color of a patient’s natural teeth.  Each crown is built to match the shape and size of the natural tooth and once cemented into place will be virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth.  Temporary crowns, usually made of resin, are worn by patients between appointments while waiting for a permanent restorative crown to be made in the dental labratory.  There are also porcelain crowns that can be placed over the dental implant that is first placed by the specialist.  Gold and metal alloy crowns may also be used; they are popular for restoring teeth toward the back of the mouth where strength and durability are essential for chewing.  To learn more about how we can use dental crowns to restore your beautiful smile, come see us at Acacia Dental Centre in Sherwood Park.    

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Dental Bridges in Sherwood Park

Missing teeth can affect more than just your ability to chew and eat nutritious foods.  Gaps in your smile can have an impact on the shape of your face, the way you talk, and how confident you feel when interacting with others.  There are a number of reasons an individual may lose teeth, the most common being dental trauma from sports related injuries and untreated cases of dental disease.  Fortunately, there are real solutions for patients who want to restore the functionality and appearance of their smile.  Bridges are one of those solutions and we can build the right one for you at Acacia Dental Centre in Sherwood Park.

Bridge the Gap & Smile Again!

Dental bridges can restore your ability to chew and talk, they help maintain the shape of your face, they distribute the force of your bite properly and evenly, and lastly, bridges help prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of position when a tooth is lost.  A bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, being anchored in place by crowns over your natural teeth or dental implants on either side of a gap to be filled.  Because a bridge is custom designed and built for your mouth, your bridge looks and functions like your natural teeth.  Don’t let missing teeth keep your smile hidden away, come see us in Sherwood Park at Acacia Dental Centre where we build bridges, and beautiful smiles! All dental services provided by a general dentist. 

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