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Family Dentist in Sherwood Park

Our mission at Acacia Dental Centre is to provide excellence in dentistry that meets the individual needs of your entire family.  At her practice in Sherwood Park, Dr. Zuzanna Apel and her friendly team strive to provide you and your family with a dental experience that is both comfortable and professional.  We are pleased to be able to offer each patient personalized, compassionate care and a treatment plan that is based on a balanced approach to clinical needs and their own dental vision. It takes teamwork, time, and effort to develop individualized treatment plans and complete the dental work needed to maintain or restore our patient’s optimum oral health.   

We are dedicated to providing experiences that ensure the entire family becomes comfortable with dental care and never needs to ‘dread’ going to the dentist.  From the very young to the aged and wise, our team of dental professionals can provide each family member with personalized and gentle dentistry to build positive experiences and beautiful, lifelong smiles! 

Children's Dentist in Sherwood Park

With a focus on education and preventative care for our young patients and their families, the Children’s Dentistry team at Acacia Dental Centre offers a fun and friendly environment aimed at creating positive experiences.  Children who have a positive experience during their first few dental visits are more likely to seek appropriate preventative and routine oral health care throughout their entire lives.  Regular dental care corresponds to a healthier mouth at all stages of life.  We like to see babies and their caregivers within the first six months, even before baby’s first tooth.  Dr. Apel and her staff can offer families information and tips to help keep baby’s mouth healthy, including education about safe practices when it comes to bottles, breastfeeding and pacifiers, and introducing foods and juices.  Developing healthy habits early can go a long way toward protecting the health of your children’s teeth and mouth. 

Healthy Baby Teeth Have a Permanent Impact

From the time they are a newborn, you can begin wiping your baby’s gums gently with a damp cloth to establish the habit of daily oral care.  As baby grows and primary teeth begin to erupt you can switch to a baby toothbrush and gently brush the new teeth and gums.  Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are important for more than just chewing and eating.  Your child’s baby teeth hold space for his/her permanent teeth and guide them into the correct position in the jaw.  Having healthy functioning primary teeth permits normal development of the jaw bones and muscles and they affect the development of speech as your child grows.  Regular dental visits will allow the dentist to monitor the growth and development of your child’s mouth and jaw structures to identify and treat issues before they become more complex. 

Your Role In Your Child’s First Dental Experience

Establishing daily oral care habits and visiting the dentist early and regularly in your child’s life gives them the best chance at good oral health as they grow.  Undetected or neglected cavities in your child’s mouth can, and frequently do, lead to problems which can affect the development of their permanent teeth.  You can help us make your child’s first visits to the dentist enjoyable and positive; book a meet and greet with us to introduce new family members to dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment before problems arise.  We encourage you to bring baby to see the dentist as early as possible and continue with regular dental visits throughout their childhood.  For your whole family’s dental care needs, visit the team here at Acacia Dental Centre in Sherwood Park.  New patients are always welcome! All dental services provided by a general dentist. 


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